Humility and Hostility

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This audio recording is incomplete. Below is a summary of the remainder of the sermon that is unavailable.

Main Point of this Story: God is in Control of all the events of history. No-one and nothing can thwart God’s purposes and plans, especially to save His people from their sins.

  • “Event 1 = Herod’s Death” – It happened v.19, but notice how God knew beforehand v.15.
  • “Event 2 = Archelaus” – He was Herod’s son (and even more cruel and wicked than Herod). Notice how God used his coming to the throne to move Jesus and His family to Nazareth in fulfillment of prophecy.
  • “Event 3 = Herod’ massacres infant boys” – while this was terrible, it wasn’t unusual in those days, nor was it as bad as some things that happened! Lesson: God works out His plans in a sinful world. People are responsible for their wicked actions, but nothing can stop God achieving His purposes to save His people in this world.