Repentance and Faith

What is God’s charge of robbery and what is His challenge to His people?

I. Remember – The Lord’s Character
II. Robbery – The Lord’s Charge
III. Return – The Lord’s Call
IV. Reward – The Lord’s Challenge

False Teaching

What fruit will be produced by a God-honouring teaching ministry among the Lord’s people?

I). It is based on God’s Revealed Word:-
II). It will produce Life and Peace (v.5-6):-
III). It will produce Awe {Reverence] of God’s Name (v.5b):-
IV). It Turns People from Sin (v.6):-
V). It Guards Knowledge (v.7):-

The Love of God

What message has God for you (us) when going through the motions or when in a spiritually dry place?

I). Covenant Love (v.2a)
II). Gracious Love (v.2b)
III). Sovereign (electing or choosing) Love (v.3-5)

God’s Provision for Children

What has God provided for children in the church?

I). They are Members of God’s People
II). God has told us WHO is Responsible for the Spiritual Care of Believer’s Children
III). God has provided the MEANS within the Church for the Spiritual Care of Believer’s Children