Words Matter

The final sections of Malachi emphasise last things like the coming again of Jesus (‘The Day of the Lord’), judgment and separation. On the day of Christ’s coming, a distinction (separation) will be made between those who served God during their life (the righteous) and those who didn’t serve Him (the wicked) [Mal. 3:18]. It is important to note that apart from whether one rejects or accepts Christ as one’s Saviour, this division between the righteous and the wicked is indicated by pretty down-to-earth things, such as how one treats his wife (marriage) [2: 10-16] or how one uses one’s money and other earthly resources [3: 6-12]. Today’s passage warns us to be careful how we use our words because we will, in part, be judged by them [3: 13-18].

There are “bad” (’harsh’) words [v.13-15] and there are “good” words [v.16-18]. Our words show whether we are those who serve God or those who don’t serve Him [v.14,18]. Our words indicate whether our names are written in God’s “book of remembrance” [v.16], the Lamb’s book of life that will be opened at Christ’s judgement. Do you think your name is written in God’s book? Will you be in Heaven after you die? One indicator to the future is how you use words. Do your words speak harshly of God or do they esteem (respect) Him?

In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God (John 1:29,36),