Put to the Test

When you read the title, “Put to the Test”, who did you think is the one being tested? Usually as we read the story of God’s people in the Bible we might gain the view that God is the one always testing His people; maybe it is a test of their faithfulness to Him or of the genuineness of their love and devotion. However, the opposite is the case in this week’s passage in Malachi, the Lord is the one being tested (or rather submitting Himself for testing).

The context is that the Lord charges His people of robbery. As is the case in Malachi the people respond with a question, “How have we robbed you?”. Apart from the answer, which is that they have been robbing the Lord by withholding their tithes and offering, the Lord throws down the challenge to bring their full tithe and see if He will respond with heaven-sent generosity. Have you ever noticed and responded to the Lord’s call to be generous with your earthly goods (see 2 Cor. 8 and 9)? Have you ever tested the Lord in this manner? Have you any stories of how the Lord has responded generously to your testing of Him?

In the Name of Christ, who was rich yet for our sakes became poor (2 Cor. 8:9),