What’s the Problem?

Having noted the failures of the priest-leaders of the Lord’s community [Mal. 1:6-2:9] in Malachi’s day (c. 460-430 BC), this week we move into a section that focuses on the failures of God’s covenant people as a whole [Mal. 2: 10-16].

Have you ever had the experience of feeling God wasn’t answering your prayers? That was the situation in Malachi’s time (see 2: 13-14). Often we can still be doing spiritual exercises, such as praying, reading our Bible, singing spiritual songs, going to church and generally being a good neighbour. And yet, our walk with God seems dry and joyless. Maybe spiritual things don’t seem real, we feel we are going through the motions. There is no vital communion with the Lord and no living relationship with other believers. What’s the problem?

It could be that we have a heart (internal) issue. While we are praying or singing praises our heart is not right with the Lord. It could be we are tolerating sin in our hearts or thoughts. That was the issue in Malachi’s time. God’s people were doing all the right spiritual things yet their marriages were in crisis. Some hadn’t entered marriage correctly (v. 11-12), while other were living out a lie within their marriage (v. 13-16). As you read this short passage, please note that personal, inner sin has a negative effect on the whole community of the Lord’s people as well as in your own life A key word to notice is “faithless”, which occurs five (5) times in this short paragraph.

In the Name of Christ, who is always faithful over God’s house (Hebrews 3:6)